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5 tips for employers to improve work-life balance for employees and retain them

Even after providing great packages and perks, your valuable employees put down their resignation letters. Losing valuable resources is always a pain. Sometimes, filling the gap with a newly hired employee becomes really hard. When it comes to unfolding the reasons for employee turnover, we find one thing common: poor work-life balance. Even if the employee may not leave the organization, you cannot   expect high-quality work if an employee has a poor work-life balance. It is also true  that it is not only the employers responsibility to  provide work-life balance for their employees, employees also have to take some steps to maintain balance in life.  The first step is to implement mental health corporate programs. Once your employees are mentally strong enough, they will work more on maintaining a better work-life balance. 

Being a Singapore-based employer, you can help your employees to maintain a better balance. Just following some easy things, you can keep your employees mentally satisfied and happy. Let’s check the best ways to let your employees maintain a better work-life balance. 


  • Offer flexible and remote working 

Many reports have confirmed that employees are more productive when they are satisfied and working from home in comparison with their in-office counterparts. If your business model supports and there is no data theft risk, you can easily let your employees work from home. But it is not applicable to all industries, such as logistics, healthcare, and so on. 

Workers always value organizations that empower them enough to manage their own time. Employees feel happy to work in an organization where they can work anytime and anywhere. Employers should let their employees finish their work earlier and save time to perform other important tasks. 


mental health courses in Singapore


  • Focus more on productivity than others 

Every employee is different. An efficient employee can complete the work early and should get the opportunity to leave early. Rather than counting total working hours, you should check their productivity level. An inefficient employee can work for 9 hours yet may not complete the work. Employers should not punish their employees for being efficient. 

If you let your employees leave early, they won’t mind staying at work for a long time. You will be able to create a better understanding with your employees. Once you understand each other better, it will be easier for you to retain valuable employees for longer. 

  • Encourage breaks 

Being an employer, you should encourage your employees to take breaks during need. Working for long hours without taking any breaks is not a choice. It will not only make your employees feel exhausted, but also you will get poor quality Work from them. You should encourage them to take breaks. During the breaks, they can take a walk, community with their friends and families, or spend some time with their colleagues. 

If you find that your employees are not taking any breaks, you can enable a Pomodoro. You should ask your employees to follow the Pomodoro and work accordingly. 


  • Regularly review workloads 

You should never overburden your employees. Otherwise, it will be very hard to retain valuable employees. You should review the workload allocation of all your employees on a regular basis and ensure each employee has achievable workloads. 

You should get directly involved in the process of allocating work. There will be various departments. You should develop a better understanding of what each one is doing. In this way, employees will also feel safe working at your place. They will know that there is someone to review their workload, and they won’t face any discrimination or miss the chance of recognition. 

Managers that regularly communicate with their teams will know who is busy and stressed and who has more capacity to do better for the organization. 

  • Enable stress management programs 

Stress management programs created by MindFit at Work can do more than you can even imagine. The right  stress management programs can offer various benefits that will both, directly and indirectly support the work-life balance of your employees. Stress management training can reduce your employees’ negative organisational stress. You can increase individual productivity and responsibility of your employees, enable better team communications and morale, increase retention of valued employees, improve customer satisfaction, and so on. 


stress management programs


Employees can easily reduce personal stress, improve decision-making, increase productivity, create better relationships with family members and friends, and create more happiness in everyday life. 

With MindFit at Work, employers can easily enable mental health courses in Singapore and let their employees be happier to work for them. Creating stress management or mindfulness training programs is easy if you connect with MindFit at Work. With years of experience, we have become a leader in mental health corporate programs, workplace wellbeing, resilience, mental health, mindfulness consulting, and EAP programs. MindFit at Work is an advanced platform where you can get tomorrow’s workplace wellbeing solutions today.