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The top 4 reasons why companies are investing in mental health benefits for employees

Mental health benefits are becoming a staple in workplaces in Singapore. This is no more surprising. According to the Cigna 360 Well-Being Survey, nearly 92% of working Singaporeans are stressed. This is 8% higher than the global percentage, and this is definitely shocking. Stress can exacerbate both physical and mental illness. If you let your employees deal with it alone, you may witness a decrease in productivity and teamwork. But that’s not appreciable or tolerable in any way. And that’s why business organizations have started investing in mental health and wellness programs for their valuable employees. They are appointing the best workplace wellbeing consultant companies to take great care of their people.


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If the workforce is healthy, growth is guaranteed. Along with other employee benefits, modern-day employees also prefer to get mental health benefits from their employers. It is a simple logic that if employers take better care of the employees, employees will automatically perform better for their organization. There are plenty of reasons why today’s employers are giving more value to workplace wellbeing. Let’s explore the reasons first and then decide how to hire the best workplace wellbeing consultant for your company. 


Reasons to invest in mental health benefits for your employees 


  • Improved overall health of your employees 


Mental illness can destroy the complete mental and physical health of an individual. For example, if a person is suffering from depression is more likely to suffer from heart disease and cancer. It means a person will not only suffer badly in the coming future but also spend more money on the long-run treatment procedure. Employers who invest in employees’ wellbeing are reducing threats to their employee’s physical health and long-term spending on critical treatment procedures. 


  • Prevent burnout 


Burnout is a devastating phase that many employees face and suffer from less productivity. According to a report by Deloitte, 77% of employees surveyed accepted that they had experienced burnout. If your employees are facing the same, your organization is receiving poor quality work and less dedication on a regular basis. Burnout often leads to employee turnover and absenteeism. 

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Often burnout takes place due to stress and overwork. You can tackle it on multiple fronts. Here, stress management training can help to a great extent. Stress management training programs can help you to improve retention rates, lower absenteeism, and create a healthier workplace for your valuable employees. 


  • Increased productivity 


Increased anxiety and stress can have a direct impact on the emotional resilience and productivity of your employees. In another study by Northeast Business Group on Health, major depressive disorders are linked to 27 lost workdays per year per employee. It can also increase the cost of $4426 per employee per year. 


Just by investing in employee wellbeing programs, you can prevent such chances of productivity loss. We must say mental health conditions are also directly tied with other chronic health issues such as obesity and heart disease. 


  • Enhanced employee retention rate 


Often stressed employees feel their present employer is unsuitable for their mental health. Obviously, as an employer, you should recheck the workload of each employee and then decide. If the workload is too high and employees are not getting enough support and recognition, they will feel ignored at your organization. They will start looking for other opportunities. In this way, you can lose your valuable employees. Retaining valuable employees is a great concern for all business organizations. Even after streamlining the workload for all employees, if you find your employees are too stressed, you should think about stress management and mental health training programs. MindFit at Work can help you to craft the most effective employee wellbeing programs and improve employee retention rates. 


If you keep your employees satisfied and make them find the most effective ways to do better stress management, you can make them work for your organization for a longer span of time. 


Employee wellbeing programs can bring many other benefits to your employees. To explore those benefits, you should connect with the best workplace wellbeing consultant as soon as possible. 

If you are looking for the best consultant, you should make no delay in connecting with MindFit at Work. This great workplace wellbeing company can help you keep your employees mentally happy, highly productive, more resilient, and mindful. MindFit at work prefers to use the latest behavioral science and psychology to transform how your employees think, feel, and behave. Your employees will definitely learn better stress management and perform better for you. If a person knows how to manage stress automatically, he/she can perform better and grow uninterruptedly. With us, you and your employees will definitely enjoy the wellbeing programs that pass the passion test. To know more about our stress management and employee assistance programs, you should connect with us ASAP.