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Why are more & more companies investing in Employee Wellbeing Programs in Singapore?

De-stigmatizing mental health has become the need of the hour. During the pandemic, more and more people have suffered from anxiety, stress, and so many other health conditions. Even after the pandemic, many are struggling hard to balance work and personal life. Poor mental health will directly or indirectly affect your employees’ work and productivity. Being a responsible employer, you should ensure that your organization is not contributing to any reason that can impact your employees’ mental health. If not sure, hire the best EAP services in Singapore to foster a healthy work culture for your employees.

EAP- Employee Assistance Programs are common strategic interventions and programs that can help any business organization in overall employee wellbeing. Investing in such programs and services can help the organization save money, which might be huge due to poor productivity and employee management. 


Fast facts: 

  • After implementing EAP, up to 45% of improvement was seen in the work-life management of employees. 
  • Nearly 86% of employees reported positively impacting their wellbeing due to implementing an EAP program. 
  • In the United States, 54% of employees have access to EAPs. 
  • 78% of employers were offering employee assistance programs, according to a report by SHRM in 2018.
  • According to EAPA, 95% of companies that have more than 5000 employees have already implemented EAPs. 

EAP wellness

Problems mental health EAP programs can help employees to cope up


  • Stress management 

During the pandemic, the environment of uncertainty has increased the stress level of all adults across the globe. Work and finances are the top reasons for stress, according to WebMD. Stress management programs can help employees with resources and techniques to cope with stress and reduce its fallout. 


  • Grief counseling 

Grief plays a devastating role to anyone. In such a mental state, an employee won’t be able to concentrate at work. Grief counseling is an active part of modern-day EAP services. It is a reliable and highly effective way to help people through a hard time and save them from breaking down. 


  • Crisis management 

The crisis often comes out of the blue. It can range from losing a house due to a natural disaster to facing a series of exhausting problems. Via crisis management programs, a person can gain abilities to focus on what they can control. It helps people to stay organized and get the feeling of completeness. Crisis management resources can help your employees to get back on their feet quickly with minimum devastation. 


  • Wellbeing support 

EAP wellness also effectively gets valuable information about physical and emotional wellbeing issues. You will know what factors motivate your workforce to be fully productive. If you take care of the wellbeing of your employees, they will take better care of your organization. Along with some practical support, EAP providers also help with counseling benefits to address underlying issues affecting your employees’ mental health and making them demotivated at your place. 


Why EAPs? 

Taking the right care of your employees is important in creating an influential company culture. You can easily enhance your efforts use an EAP in your organization. Let’s check some of the best features of EAPs to understand why it has become a must for all organizations across the globe- 

Mental health employee assistance programs

  • Accessibility

Mental health employee assistance programs are highly accessible both online and offline. Your employees will get an advanced platform where they can access various podcasts, interactive programs, and videos based on their requirements. 


  • Availability 

Generally, EAPs are highly available to employees. They can access these programs at any time they want. Employees will be able to talk with experts in their preferred way and get the best solution. Even if they need support during odd hours, they can get the required help. 


  • Confidential 

Most EAP providers keep their client’s information confidential. If you enable such programs at your company, each employee’s data and even name will be confidential, and no other person will have access to it. Employees will feel safe being with you. 


  • Secure 

Anonymity is what people seek, especially when they are accessing EAPs. It increases the credibility of employee assistance programs. Due to anonymity, employees are driven towards using such programs. 


Hope, we have shared what you need to know about employee assistance programs. Being the best provider of EAP services in Singapore, MindFit at Work always encourages good mental health for all. If you are happy, you have already won half of the journey. EAPs effectively restore the vigor that modern people lose due to stress, hectic work schedules, and poor work-life balance. EAPs help to restore everything that employees need for a happy life.