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The Fine Chemistry Between Physical Activity Programs And Employee Mental Health

Employee mental wellbeing is the key to building a healthy work environment. Most of us already know physical exercise brings various benefits to the body. Now it’s irrefutable that a good amount of physical exercise is also good for the mind. But due to prolonged job hours, employees are not getting sufficient time for exercise. On the other hand, not all employees know the benefits of physical exercise. To keep employees healthy and productive, modern companies are taking the help of workplace wellbeing consultants. With a wellbeing consultant they are designing physical exercise programs. 

If you include physical exercise as a part of everyday routine for your employees, your employees will definitely reap both physical and mental wellbeing benefits. Physical activity programs may help employees improve their mental health and wellbeing. It can also help them to improve their sleep. 

According to a study, employees were dealing with an increased amount of stress in the past decade. But another survey shows that employees have reached a record level of stress, worry, and anger in 2020. And in 2022, the situation only got worsel. Countries like Australia, Singapore, the USA, etc., are also experiencing an ‘emerging mental health crisis’ according to another study published in Current Psychology. 


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How Do Physical Activity Programs Help In Achieving Better Mental Health? 


Dealing with depression and anxiety in the corporate job world has become more common. In such a situation, designing EAP programs or other physical activity programs can help to improve the overall situation. 


Expert wellbeing consultants will help you to design activities for your employees. While designing the activity programs, wellness training experts concentrate on some key areas. 

  • Time-out, distraction, and disassociation 


Wellness trainers always help employees manage time and escape stressful environments. If desk hours are increasing, there is no better way of handling the increased pressure than physical exercise. This enable you to  forget the stress  for a while, and it lets you get the vigor back to restart the work with renewed freshness. 

  • Self-mastery 


Self-mastery is something that all employees crave. A solid amount of physical exercise can help one to get a feeling of accomplishment, and they will be more satisfied at work. 

  • Socialization 


Socialiszation is a key factor to consider when it comes to improving mental wellbeing and physiological health. Managers should take care that all employees are taking sufficient breaks, having fun with colleagues, and starting the day with a positive mindset. There should be enough scope for socialiszation for all employees. Physical activity programs ensure all employees are able to open up and reduce work stress at work. They should not carry today’s stress tomorrow. 

  • Self-efficacy 


Physical activity programs help employees to reach their full potential. Many employees take more time to prove their skills. Regular and collective physical exercise programs can help employees improve their skills and confidence. They start trusting their ability and achieve goals faster.  

  • Physical exercise and mental health 


Physical exercise helps in improving your mood, decreases anxiety, and improves sleep quality. When these factors are solved, you will automatically live a better life. You may say there are many physical activity programs when employees perform their core responsibilities. The wellness program consultants will design the best activity programs based on the workload, designations, and total employees. In this way, employees will perform better and take an active part in exercise sessions without affecting their productivity level. 

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  • Physical exercise increases serotonin release. It results in improved sleep cycles, pain reduction, and an improved sense of overall wellbeing. 
  • Exercise is also helpful in reducing blood pressure and cardiovascular responses. It also helps employees to cope better with stressful situations. 
  • Regular physical exercise boosts the ralease of  endorphins. It boosts the immune system. Employees who are fit results in reduced sick leave and increased productivity. 
  • Solid exercise releases dopamine, increasing the sense of pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Good amount of physical exercise also increases oxygen delivery to the brain. That results in improved cognitive function.


Hope, this blog has helped you enough to learn more about how physical exercise at work improves employee well being and mental health. If you are concerned about how to design employee well being programs or physical activity programs, you should contact the best workplace wellbeing consultant. MindFit at Work can help you here. This is a leading workplace wellbeing company with more than a decade of experience. Our advanced work has secured the leading position in the industry. We provide workplace wellbeing, mental health, resilience programs, and mindfulness training services. You should join us now to increase staff wellbeing and business performance. We use the latest behavioral science and psychology to transform how people think, feel, and behave to improve their life and performance. Contact us today to create effective employee wellbeing programs together.